Attention - All classroom sessions are still going to meet, although class size is being restricted to allow for social distancing.
Additionally special COVID-19 precautions are being taken.

First Aid and CPR Classes

AHA (American Heart Association)


Welcome to G3S CPR offered by Safety Unlimited, Inc.! We are located in Thousand Oaks California. G3S has been helping to serve and better the community for several yeas. Our lead instructor is a Paramedic and has many years of experience working in the Emergency Medical Field.


Our mission is to help reduce the number of deaths, caused by sudden cardiac arrest, by teaching the public life saving CPR techniques.


When it comes to sudden cardiac arrest, every second counts.


Every second that passes without someone preforming CPR decreases a persons chance of survival drastically. It is vital that you know how to preform CPR, use an AED, and help a choking victim in case a family member, friend, or stranger needs your help.

If you do not know CPR, need to refresh your CPR skills, or need a CPR Certification please contact us so we may find the best course for you.

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